Gasly Lets Ocon By in Japanese GP

Gasly Let Ocon By in Japanese Grand Prix

Gasly Let Ocon By in Japanese Grand Prix

In the final stages of last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly was put in a difficult position when he was asked to let Esteban Ocon by to repay the favor from earlier in the race. At that time, Gasly and Ocon were running in ninth and tenth positions respectively.

Initially, Gasly refused to comply with the team order and held his ground. However, as the race engineer continued to plead with him, Gasly ultimately made the decision to let Ocon through on the last corner of the final lap.

Gasly’s reaction to the team order was one of frustration, as he believed he had the faster car on the day and felt it was unjust to be asked to yield his position. Despite his disappointment, Gasly reluctantly followed the team’s directive to honor the previous favor given to Ocon.

The incident highlights the complex dynamics within Formula 1, where team strategy and individual performance often clash. It also raises questions about the importance of team orders versus allowing drivers to race each other freely.

Ocon’s position ahead of Gasly could have potentially impacted the Frenchman’s chances of scoring more points for himself and the team. Nevertheless, Gasly’s decision to ultimately concede the position demonstrates a certain level of respect and understanding for the team’s objectives.

While team orders are a common occurrence in Formula 1, they often spark controversy and debate among fans and experts. The situation involving Gasly and Ocon serves as yet another example of the complexities faced by teams and drivers in managing race strategies and relationships.

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