Gibson to Supply Engines for FIA in 2026

Gibson to Provide Engines for FIA in 2026

In an exciting announcement, Gibson has emerged victorious in the FIA tender to supply engines for a five-year period starting in 2026. This new contract marks an important milestone for the company, solidifying its position as a leading provider of powerplants for motorsport events.

The engine chosen for this prestigious role is a 4.2-litre normally-aspirated V8, which follows the same configuration as the spec GK428 unit currently used in the P2 formula since 2017. The selection of this specific engine demonstrates the FIA’s confidence in Gibson’s track record of performance and reliability.

Gibson’s Continued Role in the P2 Prototype Category

As the news broke, an official statement from the FIA confirmed that Gibson will continue its role as the engine supplier for the P2 prototype category. The statement reads, “The… Keep reading.

This decision reaffirms Gibson’s expertise in providing top-notch engines for endurance racing. The P2 category is known for its demanding conditions and rigorous competition, making it essential for teams to have reliable and powerful engines at their disposal.

Looking Ahead to 2026

The upcoming rules cycle beginning in 2026 brings with it great excitement and anticipation for fans and participants alike. With Gibson committed to delivering exceptional engines, motorsport enthusiasts can expect thrilling performances and fierce competition on the race track.

Gibson’s 4.2-litre normally-aspirated V8 engines have proven their capabilities in the current P2 formula, and its continuation in the upcoming years only reinforces the company’s reputation for high-performance powerplants.

Overall, this announcement serves as a testament to Gibson’s dedication to the motorsport industry. By securing this tender with the FIA, the company has positioned itself as a trusted partner and valued supplier in the world of endurance racing.

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