Governing Body Investigates Stroll’s Behavior

Governing Body Investigates Lance Stroll’s Behaviour at F1 Qatar GP

The FIA, the governing body of Formula One, has opened an investigation into the recent behaviour of driver Lance Stroll following his actions at the Qatar Grand Prix.

Incident at Qualifying

Four days after Stroll’s confrontation with his trainer Henry Howe, the FIA announced on Tuesday that its compliance officer was in discussion with Stroll regarding several incidents that potentially breached the FIA’s rules and policies.

Shoving Incident

During the qualifying session, Stroll was seen shoving his trainer after throwing his steering wheel out of the cockpit. This outburst raised concerns about the Canadian driver’s conduct and sportsmanship on the track.

FIA Investigation

The FIA’s compliance officer is currently investigating the incidents involving Lance Stroll. The governing body aims to determine if Stroll’s behavior violated any of their established rules and regulations.

Possible Consequences

If found guilty of breaching the FIA’s rules, Stroll could face penalties such as fines, grid penalties, or even a suspension from future races. It is crucial for drivers to adhere to the FIA’s code of conduct both on and off the track.

Importance of Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship plays a significant role in Formula One, and the FIA is committed to maintaining fair play and professionalism among all participants. Any actions that go against these principles will be thoroughly investigated and appropriately addressed.


As the FIA continues its investigation, the racing community eagerly awaits the outcome. It is essential for drivers to demonstrate respect, discipline, and control in high-pressure situations. The FIA’s efforts ensure the integrity and reputation of Formula One as a premier motorsport event.

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