Grove Team Focuses on Next Year’s Car

Grove Team Shifts Focus to Next Year’s Car Development

The Grove team, Williams Racing, made the decision to shift its research and development focus to next year’s car several months ago. As a result, they have not introduced any new parts to their car during recent races. In contrast, rival teams such as AlphaTauri, Haas, and Alfa Romeo have continued to make improvements to their cars.

This strategic decision by Williams has allowed AlphaTauri to gain momentum in their performance. In the last two races, AlphaTauri has collected 11 points, propelling them from 10th place to eighth place in the championship standings. Currently, they are only 12 points behind Williams.

Williams driver Alexander Albon recognizes the potential for AlphaTauri to surpass them in the rankings. He acknowledges that there is still a possibility that they may lose their seventh place position to the pursuing team.

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