Hamilton Struggles with Lack of Rear Downforce

Hamilton Struggles with Lack of Rear Downforce at Suzuka

Hamilton Struggles with Lack of Rear Downforce at Suzuka

A Tricky Balance in Qualifying

After a “nightmare” Friday, Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver, was much happier with his W14 thanks to overnight changes. However, he still faced a tricky balance come qualifying.

The Results

In the qualifying session, Hamilton managed to secure fourth place in Q2. But in Q3, he slipped down to seventh place, just ahead of his teammate George Russell. This clearly showcased the Mercedes car as the fourth-best at Suzuka, behind Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari.

Hamilton’s Struggle

Hamilton admitted that he experienced a lack of rear downforce which resulted in his car being on a knife-edge during the race. Despite the improvements made overnight, finding the right balance proved to be a challenge for the seven-time Formula One World Champion.

Moving Forward

The Mercedes team will now have to analyze the data from the Suzuka race weekend and work towards optimizing the rear downforce of their W14. With more improvements, Hamilton aims to regain his competitive edge and fight for higher positions in future races.

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