Hawkins Breaks Gender Barriers in F1


Hawkins Makes History as the First Woman to Drive a Near Current F1 Car

Formula One driver Jessica Hawkins has made history by becoming the first woman in three years to drive a near current car. Hawkins was given the opportunity to test the Silverstone team’s two-year-old AMR21 in Hungary, showcasing her skills and breaking barriers in a male-dominated sport.

A Remarkable Achievement

The test drive took place a fortnight ago and has garnered significant praise from the racing community. Team principal Mike Krack commended Hawkins for her exceptional performance during the test, stating, “Jess is 28, so she’s realistic about her career direction.” Her driving skills and determination have earned her recognition and respect among her peers and fans.

Opening Doors for the Future

Hawkins understands the challenges she may face in her pursuit of a long-term role in Formula One. While she acknowledges that the path to success may involve progressing through the F3 and F2 ranks, she remains dedicated and eager to make her mark in the highest level of motorsports.

Breaking Through Gender Barriers

As the first woman to get behind the wheel of a near current Formula One car since 2018, Hawkins has shattered gender barriers in the sport. Her achievement serves as an inspiration to aspiring female racers worldwide and highlights the need for greater diversity and inclusivity in Formula One.

The Road Ahead

With her impressive performance during the test drive, Hawkins has proven her talent and potential to excel in Formula One. While the future remains uncertain, her groundbreaking achievement has undoubtedly opened doors and sparked discussions about gender equality in motorsports.

Source: autosport.com

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