Hinwil-based F1 Team Set to Rebrand

Hinwil-based F1 Team to Change Identity in 2024

The Hinwil-based Formula One team, currently known as Alfa Romeo Racing, will be undergoing a major transformation in the next few years. The squad announced last year that it would become the Audi works team in 2026 when new engine regulations come into play. However, with its current title sponsorship with Alfa Romeo coming to an end this year, the team will have a new naming partner and is expected to change to the Sauber brand for 2024 as part of its long-term project.

While the team awaits its new identity, the upcoming season presents a blank sheet for them to explore new opportunities and potential improvements to their performance. The rebranding process will not only involve a change in name but also a potential overhaul in the team’s visual identity, livery design, and possibly even its core values.

The transition to the Sauber brand is seen as a strategic move by the team to strengthen its ties to its roots. Sauber has a rich history in motorsports, particularly in endurance racing and Formula One. The Swiss outfit, founded by Peter Sauber in the 1970s, has been involved in Formula One since the 1990s and has experienced both success and challenging times over the years.

By adopting the Sauber brand, the team aims to pay tribute to its heritage and tap into the legacy of the Sauber name. This decision also reflects the team’s commitment to a long-term vision and its dedication to building a sustainable and competitive Formula One team.

Although the specifics of the rebranding process are yet to be announced, fans and sponsors can expect exciting changes and a renewed energy from the team as it embraces its new identity. The team’s partnership with Audi from 2026 onwards will further add to the anticipation and raise the team’s profile within the Formula One community.

As the 2024 season approaches, all eyes will be on the Hinwil-based squad as they unveil their new name, livery, and direction. It will be an exciting time for the team and its fans as they embark on a fresh chapter in their Formula One journey.

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