Honda and Marquez Part Ways

Honda and Marquez Agree to Terminate Contract

Honda announced on Wednesday afternoon that it had agreed by mutual consent with Marquez to terminate his four-year contract a season early at the end of 2023. This decision comes after a challenging year for both Marquez and Honda.

A Season of Struggles

Marquez’s performance this season has been affected by an uncompetitive RC213V, leading to numerous injury issues. In the past 14 rounds, he was only able to secure one grand prix podium, which occurred last weekend in Japan.

An Amicable Parting

Marquez expressed his gratitude towards Honda for their collaboration and understanding in reaching this agreement. Their decision to part ways was founded on a joint understanding of the challenging circumstances they faced this year.

Looking Ahead

With the contract termination, Marquez is now free to explore new opportunities in the MotoGP world. While his future plans remain unknown, his talent and determination are likely to attract attention from other teams.


Marquez’s departure from Honda marks the end of an unforgettable chapter in MotoGP. Despite the difficulties faced, both parties are grateful for their time together and hold no ill will. As the racing community awaits news of Marquez’s next move, the memories he created with Honda will be cherished.

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