Honda’s Struggles in MotoGP

Honda’s Challenging MotoGP Season

Honda’s Challenging MotoGP Season

The Disappointing Start

Honda has endured a miserable 2023 season, with Joan Mir yet to score any more points since the opening grand prix of the season in Portugal back in March. The team has been struggling to find its rhythm and match the performance of its competitors.

A Glimpse of Hope

As MotoGP made its debut on the Buddh International Circuit on Friday, the RC213V proved to be competitive in the hands of Marc Marquez and Mir. Both riders showed promise, with Marquez finishing fourth overall and Mir in tenth position. They were both inside the top 10 in FP1, marking a significant improvement for the team.

The Hopes for Mir

Mir, who felt the weekend had been positive so far, is hopeful that the team can continue to build on this performance. He believes that if they can harness the potential of the RC213V, they have a chance to improve their standings and score valuable points in the upcoming races.

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