IMSAs Transition to New Rules

IMSAs Transition to New Rules for 2023

The IMSA SportsCar Championship recently underwent a significant transformation with the implementation of new regulations for the 2023 season. These changes brought about a shift in focus for teams, as they now had the opportunity to work on optimizing a spec hybrid system. Additionally, the transition from DPi to LMDh (known as GTP in the United States) introduced a new philosophy for energy usage calculations, aligning with the World Endurance Championship and allowing for equalization against Le Mans Hypercars.

New Opportunities for Teams

The introduction of the spec hybrid system in the 2023 IMSA SportsCar Championship opened up new avenues for teams to explore. With a standardized hybrid setup, teams could now focus on fine-tuning the performance of the system to gain an advantage on the track. This marked a significant departure from previous seasons where teams were responsible for developing their own unique hybrid technology.

LMDh – The Future of SportsCar Racing

The shift from DPi to LMDh was another major aspect of the rule changes for 2023. LMDh, or Le Mans Daytona hybrid, represents a convergence between the IMSA and WEC regulations. This alignment aims to create a level playing field for different competing prototypes, including the Le Mans Hypercars. By adopting similar technical specifications and rules, the championship organizers hope to foster fierce competition and close racing between these different classes.

Energy Usage Calculation

One of the key changes brought about by the transition to LMDh is the new philosophy for calculating energy usage. This approach falls in line with the World Endurance Championship’s method, promoting a more standardized and equalized playing field. The aim is to ensure that the LMDh cars can compete on the same level as the Le Mans Hypercars in terms of energy consumption and overall performance.

Challenges and Benefits

While the transition to new rules presents its fair share of challenges for teams, it also brings significant benefits to the championship as a whole. By aligning with the World Endurance Championship, the IMSA SportsCar Championship can now attract manufacturers and teams from both sides of the Atlantic. This convergence of regulations not only enhances the competition but also promotes the growth and global appeal of sports car racing.


The adoption of new rules for the 2023 IMSA SportsCar Championship signifies a fundamental shift in the series. With a focus on optimizing a spec hybrid system and transitioning to the LMDh category, the championship aims to deliver more exciting and closely contested races. The alignment with the World Endurance Championship allows for an equalized platform, pitting different prototypes against each other while maintaining competitive balance. As the 2023 season approaches, anticipation builds for a new era of sports car racing.


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