IndyCar Returns with Milwaukee Mile: 2024 Schedule Unveiled

IndyCar Reveals 2024 Schedule: The Milwaukee Mile Returns

IndyCar has announced its schedule for the 2024 season, featuring some significant changes and the return of a legendary track. The calendar will consist of 17 events, including the addition of the $1 Million Challenge non-points exhibition at The Thermal Club on March 24th.

Texas Motor Speedway Dropped from Schedule

One of the notable changes is the removal of Texas Motor Speedway from the schedule. This marks the end of an annual trip to the track dating back to 1997. However, despite this loss, there will be no decrease in the number of oval events as the series makes a comeback to…

The Milwaukee Mile Returns

A highlight of the 2024 calendar is the re-introduction of The Milwaukee Mile. This legendary track, known for its rich history and exciting racing, will once again be a part of the IndyCar schedule. Fans and drivers alike are thrilled about the return of this iconic venue.

Diverse Mix of Road and Street Courses

In addition to the oval events, the 2024 schedule features a diverse mix of road and street courses, offering different challenges and showcasing the versatility of the IndyCar drivers. From city streets to traditional road circuits, fans can expect thrilling races in various settings.

Exciting Season Opener and Grand Finale

The 2024 IndyCar season will kick off with a highly anticipated season opener, promising an exciting start to the year. The series will then travel across the country, delivering action-packed races to enthusiastic fans. The season will conclude with a grand finale that will surely keep fans on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Another Thrilling Year of IndyCar Racing

With the 2024 schedule now unveiled, fans can look forward to another thrilling year of IndyCar racing. From classic tracks to new venues, from high-speed ovals to challenging street circuits, the season promises to provide unforgettable moments and fierce competition among the world’s top drivers.

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