Intense Battle for Pole Position

In an unexpectedly close session between Red Bull and its typically trailing rivals, Charles Leclerc led the way for Ferrari through Q2 and again on the first runs in Q3. The intense battle for pole position at the United States Grand Prix got fans on the edges of their seats.

Track Limits: a Crucial Focus

Track limits were a focal point throughout the one-hour knockout session, with the penultimate and final corners – Turns 19 and 20 – proving tricky for the drivers to stay within the white lines as their soft tires reached their limit on the rough surface.

The challenging nature of these corners meant that staying within track limits without compromising lap time was a real challenge for the drivers aiming for the coveted pole position.

Leclerc Takes the Lead for Ferrari

Charles Leclerc showcased his exceptional driving skills, pushing the boundaries and setting the pace for Ferrari.

The young Monegasque driver impressed with his consistency and determination, claiming the fastest lap during Q2 and maintaining his lead in the first runs of Q3.

Red Bull’s Strong Performance

Red Bull surprised their rivals with a remarkable showing in the qualifying session. They proved to be a formidable opponent for Ferrari, with both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez displaying great speed and skill on the track.

Their strong performance showcased the progress they have made throughout the season, closing the gap to the traditionally dominant teams.

The Thrill of the United States Grand Prix Qualifying

With such a tight competition between the top teams, the United States Grand Prix qualifying session kept fans on the edge of their seats.

The battle for pole position demonstrated the intense rivalry between Ferrari and Red Bull, setting the stage for an exciting race day in Austin, Texas.


The qualifying session at the United States Grand Prix showcased the remarkable talents of Charles Leclerc and the ever-impressive performance of Red Bull. The battle for pole position added an extra level of excitement to the race weekend, leaving fans eager for race day to witness the thrilling on-track action.

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