M-Sport Apologizes for Loubet’s Early Exit from WRC Acropolis Rally

The recent World Rally Championship event proved to be another challenging start for the M-Sport Ford squad. Unfortunately, due to water pump issues, both Pierre-Louis Loubet’s and Ott Tanak’s hopes for a strong points haul were dashed.

Loubet’s Retirement

Loubet’s rally came to a premature end when his Puma abruptly came to a halt on a road section just before stage two, which was the first major test of the rally. This unexpected setback forced Loubet to retire from the competition.

Exclusion from the Rally

Regrettably, Loubet will not be able to rejoin the rally after his early retirement. Despite completing Thursday night’s super special stage, his exit signifies a disappointing outcome for the Frenchman.

M-Sport’s Apology

M-Sport extends their sincere apologies for Loubet’s premature exit from the WRC Acropolis Rally. The team understands the disappointment and frustration caused by his withdrawal. Water pump issues can be unforeseeable and unfortunate occurrences, and M-Sport acknowledges the impact it has had on Loubet’s performance in the rally.

As an experienced and highly respected team, M-Sport remains committed to constantly improving their performance and resolving any technical difficulties that may arise. They are dedicated to providing their drivers with reliable and competitive vehicles, ensuring a fair and exciting competition for all participants.

Although Loubet’s early exit is a setback, M-Sport will regroup and work tirelessly to address the underlying issues. They remain determined to bounce back stronger and deliver a more favorable outcome in the upcoming events of the World Rally Championship.

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