Maintaining Entry Size Crucial for 2023 Season

Series Organisers Aim to Maintain Entry Size for 2023 Season

Series organisers, the FIA and the Automobile Club de l’Auest, have put forth their plan to preserve the size of the entry for the 2023 World Endurance Championship (WEC) season. This proposal was presented during the Bahrain WEC season finale held over the past weekend. While the organisers are still working on expanding the entry, they believe that maintaining the current size is crucial.

According to WEC boss Frederic Lequien, having 37 cars, the same as this year’s number, is deemed “the right number.” In order to ensure fair competition and provide a conducive racing environment, maintaining the size of the entry is a priority for the series organisers.

Working Towards Expansion

Although the focus is currently on maintaining the existing entry size, the organisers are actively exploring opportunities for expansion in the future. By preserving the current number of cars, they aim to assess the viability of potential expansion plans while taking into consideration various factors that could affect the championship’s overall competitiveness.

The decision to delay the expansion plans highlights the organisers’ commitment to thoughtful and strategic development. They want to ensure that any increase in the entry size is carefully managed to maintain the quality and fairness of the WEC.

Toyota’s Navigational Challenges

In the meantime, Toyota faced several intense challenges throughout the season. The team showcased their navigating skills in order to overcome the hurdles and secure their position in the championship. Despite the rigorous competition, Toyota demonstrated their determination and emerged as one of the top contenders.

As we await further updates regarding the potential expansion and the upcoming 2023 season, it is evident that the series organisers are focused on creating an exceptional racing experience for both teams and spectators alike. By carefully managing the entry size and evaluating expansion possibilities, they are dedicated to preserving the integrity and excitement of the World Endurance Championship.

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