Makino Hirakawa Joins McLaren as Reserve Driver

Makino Hirakawa Joins McLaren as Reserve Driver

McLaren has announced the addition of Makino Hirakawa to its pool of reserve drivers. Hirakawa, who currently competes in both Super Formula and the World Endurance Championship as a Toyota driver, was unveiled at the Japanese Grand Prix as the latest member of the team.

As part of his new role, Hirakawa will join McLaren’s simulator programme and have the opportunity to drive the team’s 2021 car, the MCL35M. McLaren hopes that Hirakawa’s experience and success, including winning the 2022 Le Mans 24 Hours, will be a valuable asset to the team.

By joining McLaren’s simulator programme, Hirakawa will play a crucial role in the team’s development and preparation for races. Utilizing his skills and expertise, he will contribute to enhancing the performance of the car and assisting the race drivers in their preparation.

The appointment of Hirakawa as a reserve driver underlines McLaren’s commitment to nurturing and recruiting talented individuals from various racing championships. The team believes that Hirakawa’s impressive track record and dedication to motorsport make him an ideal fit for the role.

Hirakawa’s decision to join McLaren means that he may have to consider quitting Super Formula to focus on his new duties. Balancing commitments between multiple racing series can be demanding, and McLaren wants to ensure that Hirakawa can give his full attention to the team.

McLaren’s pool of reserve drivers plays a significant role in supporting the race drivers during the season. They provide valuable input, assist with car development, and are ready to step in if any of the primary drivers are unable to compete.

The addition of Hirakawa to McLaren’s team further strengthens their roster of talented drivers, and his contributions are expected to enhance the overall performance of the team.

In conclusion, McLaren’s announcement of Makino Hirakawa as their newest reserve driver demonstrates the team’s dedication to bringing in skilled individuals from different racing backgrounds. With his experience and proven success, Hirakawa is poised to make a meaningful impact on McLaren’s performance and race preparations.

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