Mclaren signs Le Mans winner as F1 reserve

Mclaren signs Le Mans winner Hirakawa as F1 reserve driver

Hirakawa has joined McLaren’s driver development programme, where he will provide support for the team in its simulator and also participate in a testing program with the 2021 MCL35M car. This move marks a significant step in Hirakawa’s racing career.

At 29 years old, Hirakawa has established himself as a successful driver and is currently leading the Hypercar class in the World Endurance Championship with Toyota. His expertise and experience will undoubtedly be valuable assets to McLaren.

The Japanese driver will manage his responsibilities as a test driver alongside his existing commitments with Toyota. This dual role allows him to continue competing and leading in the World Endurance Championship while also contributing to McLaren’s Formula 1 endeavors.

A talented addition to McLaren

Hirakawa’s impressive track record includes a victory at the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race, further solidifying his position as one of the top talents in endurance racing. McLaren recognizes his potential and has brought him on board to further enhance their team.

As part of McLaren’s driver development program, Hirakawa will have the opportunity to work closely with the team’s experienced engineers and benefit from their vast knowledge and expertise. This partnership has the potential to propel his career forward.

Simulator and testing programs

One of Hirakawa’s responsibilities as McLaren’s reserve driver will involve supporting the team in its state-of-the-art simulator. This technology allows drivers to simulate various track conditions and refine their skills before they even step foot on the actual circuit.

In addition to the simulator work, Hirakawa will also participate in a testing program using the team’s 2021 MCL35M car. These tests provide valuable data for the team and allow them to make improvements to the car’s performance and reliability.

A promising future

Joining the McLaren family represents an exciting new chapter in Hirakawa’s racing career. With the support and resources available to him, he has the potential to further develop his skills and make a significant impact in the world of Formula 1.

McLaren’s decision to sign Hirakawa demonstrates their commitment to nurturing young talent and investing in the future of the sport. As a renowned team in Formula 1, McLaren’s driver development program serves as a platform for promising drivers to showcase their abilities and potentially secure a role as a full-time driver in the future.

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