McLaren Team Pfaff Joins IMSA GTD Pro with 720s GT3 Evo

McLaren Team Pfaff Joins IMSA GTD Pro with 720s GT3 Evo

Canada-based Pfaff has announced its transition from Porsche to McLaren as it enters the IMSA GTD Pro series. The team will field a sole 720S GT3 Evo car in pursuit of its third championship title. While the driver lineup is yet to be finalized, Pfaff’s move to McLaren comes after a successful five-year stint in IMSA’s premier series with Porsche.

Pfaff’s Dominance with Porsche

During their time with Porsche, Pfaff achieved impressive results, including championship victories in the 2021 GTD and 2022 GTD Pro classes. Additionally, they secured a total of 12 race victories, highlighting their success and competitiveness in the series.

Transition to McLaren

Pfaff’s decision to switch to McLaren showcases the team’s ambition and desire for new challenges. The 720S GT3 Evo, known for its exceptional performance and reliability, will be Pfaff’s weapon of choice in the IMSA GTD Pro category.

Driver Lineup

While Pfaff is yet to finalize their driver lineup, fans eagerly await the announcement of the talented individuals who will represent the team in their quest for another championship title. With their track record of success, Pfaff is expected to attract skilled drivers who can deliver exceptional performances on the IMSA circuit.

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