McLaren’s Bold Sidepod Upgrade

McLaren Reveals Bold Sidepod Solution as Part of Singapore F1 Upgrade

The Woking-based team had made a significant number of revisions to its MCL-60 for this weekend’s race around the Marina Bay circuit as it bids to lift its performance in slow corners.

Performance Boosting Upgrades

The changes encompass several key areas of the car, but the most obvious is a bold approach to its sidepod design, which features a very deep ‘water-slide’ channel.

Improved Sidepod Design

Having revised the shape and size of its sidepod, McLaren takes on a bold design approach with a deep ‘water-slide’ channel. This new feature is aimed at enhancing the car’s performance, particularly in slow corners.

Enhancing Performance in Slow Corners

The McLaren team from Woking has been working tirelessly to improve its MCL-60 for the Singapore race. One of the key areas of focus has been the sidepod design, which now boasts a distinctive ‘water-slide’ channel. The team hopes that this bold design will give them an edge in slow corners and help them achieve better lap times.

Unveiling the Upgrades

As part of its efforts to increase performance in slow corners, McLaren has unveiled the latest revisions to its MCL-60 for the upcoming Singapore race. The most prominent change is the sidepod design, which now features a deep ‘water-slide’ channel. This bold approach is expected to have a significant impact on the car’s performance, helping the team gain an advantage in the challenging Marina Bay circuit.

Pushing Boundaries

In a bid to enhance its performance, McLaren has pushed the boundaries with its sidepod design for the Singapore race. The new design includes a unique ‘water-slide’ channel that aims to improve the car’s handling in slow corners. By taking this bold step, McLaren is hoping to outperform its rivals and secure a competitive edge in the challenging Marina Bay circuit.

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