Mercedes Faces Challenges Joining LM Gt3

Mercedes Accepts Slim Chances of Joining LM Gt3 Class

Mercedes Accepts Slim Chances of Joining LM Gt3 Class

Stefan Wendl, head of customer racing at Mercedes-AMG, admitted that the German manufacturer’s attempts to secure entries for what is expected to be an oversubscribed class “so far look not so promising”.

Challenges Ahead for Mercedes-AMG

However, Wendl stressed that work is still ongoing to lay the groundwork for a two-car entry of Mercedes-AMG GT3s run by one of its customer teams. While the chances might be slim, the team is determined to give it their best shot.

Preparation is Key

The Mercedes-AMG team is fully aware of the challenges they might face in securing entries for the LM Gt3 class. Despite the initial setbacks, they continue to prepare and strive towards their goal.

Commitment to Customer Teams

One of the major objectives for Mercedes-AMG is to support its customer teams in their participation in the LM Gt3 class. With a two-car entry, they are determined to provide the necessary resources and assistance.

Optimism in the Face of Uncertainty

Although the chances may currently seem slim, the Mercedes-AMG team remains optimistic. They understand the competition and the high demand for entries but are committed to exploring every option available.

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