MotoGP Implements Strict Tyre Pressure Rules

MotoGP Implements Stricter Tyre Pressure Rules

MotoGP Implements Stricter Tyre Pressure Rules

To close up a grey area in the rule book over tyre pressures, after numerous teams were found last year to have been running under the recommended minimum set by Michelin, MotoGP introduced a stricter enforcement on the matter for 2023.

Starting from the British GP, the rule was officially mandated, whereby riders must run at the minimum front (1.88 bar) and rear (1.7 bar) pressures for at least 50% of a race.

This new regulation aims to ensure fair competition and safety in the sport. By setting specific minimum tyre pressure requirements, MotoGP intends to prevent teams from gaining an unfair advantage by running lower pressures, which can affect the performance and stability of the motorcycles during races.

Improved Safety Measures

By enforcing stricter tyre pressure rules, MotoGP hopes to enhance the safety of the riders. Maintaining the recommended pressures minimizes the risk of tyre failures, such as punctures or blowouts, which can result in dangerous accidents.

The increased emphasis on tyre pressure compliance is crucial in motorsports, where riders push their machines to the limit. With the higher speeds and aggressive maneuvers involved, maintaining optimal tyre pressures becomes vital to ensure stability and control throughout the race.

Fair Competition

The implementation of the stricter tyre pressure rules also promotes fair competition among the teams. Previously, some teams were accused of running lower tyre pressures to gain an unfair advantage in terms of grip and cornering performance.

Now, with the mandate to run at the minimum recommended pressures, the playing field is leveled. All teams must adhere to the same requirements, eliminating any potential advantages gained through tyre pressure manipulation.

This move aligns with MotoGP’s commitment to fostering fair and equal competition, ensuring that victory is earned through skill, strategy, and teamwork rather than exploiting technical loopholes.


The introduction of stricter tyre pressure rules in MotoGP for the 2023 season demonstrates the sport’s commitment to safety and fair competition. By enforcing minimum pressure requirements, the sport aims to prevent teams from gaining unfair advantages while also prioritizing the well-being of riders.

As MotoGP continues to evolve and refine its regulations, it strives to create an environment that showcases the best of motorcycle racing while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and safety.

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