MotoGP Riders Battle Extreme Heat

MotoGP Riders Adapt to Extreme Temperatures at Inaugural Indian Grand Prix

Throughout the first ever Indian Grand Prix, extreme temperatures have posed a significant challenge for MotoGP riders. The conditions were so intense that the distances for all races had to be shortened upon request from the riders.

Shortened Race Distance

The grand prix at the Buddh International Circuit was originally scheduled for 24 laps. However, due to the extreme heat, it was decided to reduce the race to 21 laps to ensure the safety and well-being of the riders.

Marco Bezzecchi’s Dominance

VR46 Ducati rider Marco Bezzecchi showcased his remarkable skills and adaptability to the challenging conditions. Despite the intense heat, Bezzecchi managed to take an early lead and dominate the race proceedings.

Dehydration Challenges

MotoGP runner-up Martin expressed how the extreme temperatures took a toll on him. He revealed that dehydration became a serious concern during the race and nearly cost him a second-place finish.

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