MotoGP San Marino GP: Full Moto2 and Moto3 race results

The 20-lap Moto3 contest kicked off race action at Misano on Sunday morning,
with a tense four-rider battle for the victory going the way of Aspar’s Alonso.
Poleman Jaume Masia made a lightning getaway on his Leopard Honda, building an
early lead of almost a second as the chasing pack battled for places.
Once Ajo KTM’s Deniz Oncu got through into second ahead of Diogo Moreira, he quickly ate …

As the MotoGP San Marino GP weekend began at Misano, the Moto3 race set
the stage for an intense battle amongst the riders. With 20 laps ahead,
the crowd eagerly anticipated the outcome of this thrilling contest.

Moto3 Race Results

Alonso, riding for Aspar, emerged victorious in the race. However, the
pole position holder, Jaume Masia, made a phenomenal start on his Leopard Honda,
establishing an early lead of nearly a second. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack
fought fiercely for their respective positions.

Deniz Oncu from Ajo KTM managed to surpass Diogo Moreira to secure second
place. His quick overtaking effort demonstrated his determination to challenge
the leader and claim the top spot. The battle between these four riders provided
incredible excitement for the spectators.

With each passing lap, the tension grew as the competition grew fiercer.
Alonso’s steady performance allowed him to maintain his lead, but it was
certainly not an easy victory. Despite Masia’s initial advantage, he could not
sustain his pace and slipped behind the other riders.

Ultimately, Alonso emerged as the deserving winner, showcasing his exceptional
skills and providing a thrilling display of talent. The Moto3 race served as a
captivating curtain-raiser for the action-packed MotoGP weekend at Misano.

Moto2 Race Results

Following the thrilling Moto3 race, the Moto2 category took to the track at Misano
for their own fierce battle. The riders were ready to showcase their abilities and
compete for the podium positions during this high-speed spectacle.

The Moto2 race at San Marino GP was a spectacle in itself. The competitors pushed
their skills to the limit, vying for victory and providing a showcase of adrenaline-fueled racing.

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