MotoGP’s Lack of Spectacle Under Fire Again After No-Show Misano Round

MotoGP’s Lack of Spectacle Under Fire Again After No-Show Misano Round

Last weekend’s Misano round featured the exact same top four in both the sprint and the grand prix, with Jorge Martin leading Marco Bezzecchi, Francesco Bagnaia and wildcard Dani Pedrosa.

Across both races, there was one overtake between the top three, when VR46’s Bezzecchi passed Bagnaia for second – though his move in the sprint was a result of the factory Ducati rider running wide.


The lack of spectacle in MotoGP has once again come under fire following the recent Misano round. Despite featuring thrilling battles across various positions, the top four remained unchanged throughout, highlighting a lack of excitement at the front of the pack.

Lack of Overtakes

One of the main issues plaguing the racing at Misano was the lack of overtakes between the top riders. Only one overtake occurred between the top three, when VR46’s Marco Bezzecchi managed to pass Francesco Bagnaia for second place. However, this move was facilitated by Bagnaia running wide on the track.

Consistent Podium Finishers

While the lack of overtakes added to the disappointment, the consistent podium finishers also contributed to the notion that MotoGP’s pinnacle races are becoming predictable. The top four riders, Jorge Martin, Marco Bezzecchi, Francesco Bagnaia, and wildcard Dani Pedrosa, finished in the same order in both the sprint and the grand prix races. This lack of variation in the top results denies fans the excitement of seeing unexpected outcomes and surprise winners.

Frustration Among Fans

The repetitive nature of the Misano round has left many MotoGP fans frustrated. They tune in hoping for thrilling battles and unpredictable finishes, but the lack of spectacle in this particular race has reinforced the criticism that MotoGP is becoming a predictable sport.

While some argue that the focus should be on the competitiveness displayed by the top riders, others believe that the lack of excitement at the front of the pack reduces the overall enjoyment of the sport for fans.

MotoGP Must Address the Issue

As criticisms mount regarding the lack of spectacle in MotoGP, it is crucial for the organizers and teams to address the issue. Finding ways to encourage more overtaking opportunities, such as modifying track designs or implementing rule changes, may be necessary to inject new levels of excitement into the races.

By actively seeking solutions to increase the competitiveness and unpredictability of MotoGP, the sport can maintain its appeal to fans and continue to captivate audiences around the world.

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