Nakagami’s Secure MotoGP Future

Nakagami Secures Honda MotoGP Future with New LCR Contract for 2024

Japanese rider Takaaki Nakagami has secured his future in MotoGP by signing a new contract with the LCR Honda team, which will see him racing with the outfit until 2024.

Nakagami, who made his MotoGP debut with LCR in 2018, has been backed by Idemitsu and has enjoyed job security as the team’s designated Japanese rider. However, his position became somewhat uncertain in recent seasons due to the emergence of young talent Ai Ogura.

Ogura, currently racing in Moto2 with Honda Team Asia, has been widely regarded as a rising star and there were speculations that he may replace Nakagami in the LCR Honda team. However, Nakagami’s new contract has cemented his place in the team and dismissed any doubts about his future.

The extension of his contract is a testament to Nakagami’s skills and performance on the track. Since joining LCR Honda, he has proven himself to be a reliable and consistent rider, regularly achieving strong results and demonstrating his potential for further success.

This new agreement between Nakagami and LCR Honda not only secures his spot on the MotoGP grid but also solidifies Honda’s commitment to supporting Japanese riders in the premier motorcycle racing championship.

The LCR garage, which has been specifically tailored to cater to Nakagami’s needs as a Japanese rider, will continue to provide him with the necessary resources and support to excel in MotoGP.

Nakagami expressed his gratitude for the continued trust and support shown by LCR Honda and Idemitsu. He sees this new contract as an opportunity to further improve and achieve even better results in the upcoming seasons.

“I am thrilled to extend my contract with LCR Honda and continue racing in MotoGP,” Nakagami said. “I am grateful for the belief and backing of LCR Honda and Idemitsu, as well as Honda’s continued support for Japanese riders.”

As Nakagami heads into the future with LCR Honda, he aims to make significant strides in his performance and challenge for podium finishes and race victories. With the continued support of his team, sponsors, and fans, Nakagami is determined to leave his mark on the fiercely competitive world of MotoGP.

His contract extension ensures that Nakagami will remain an integral part of the MotoGP grid until at least 2024. Fans can look forward to witnessing his progress and cheering him on as he continues to chase his dreams in the premier class of motorcycle racing.

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