Neuville Crashes, Evans Extends

Neuville’s Rally Ends Prematurely

Stage Six Misfortune

Thierry Neuville’s strong showing at the Rally Japan took a disappointing turn on stage six. The Belgian driver had closed in on leader Evans, and was just 10.5 seconds behind. However, his rally came to an abrupt halt only 100 meters into the stage.

A Sudden Crash

Neuville lost control of his i20N and collided with the trees, resulting in terminal damage to the front of his car. While the crash spelled the end for his rally hopes, Neuville and his co-driver Martijn Wydaeghe fortunately emerged unscathed from the incident.

Evans Extends His Lead

With Neuville out of contention, Evans now enjoys a comfortable lead of 44.4 seconds. The crash has relieved the pressure on Evans as he continues to assert dominance in the Rally Japan.

While Neuville’s misfortune is unfortunate, the incident has opened up new opportunities for other drivers to make their mark in the rally. Stay tuned to Racetrack World for more updates on the thrilling world of motorsports. Keep reading for more information here.

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