Neuville’s Acropolis Rally Departure Marks the End of WRC Title Bid

In a disappointing turn of events for Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville, his exit from the Acropolis Rally has effectively ended his chances of winning the World Rally Championship (WRC) title. Prior to the rally, Neuville found himself trailing Toyota’s Kalle Rovanpera by 36 points. Nevertheless, Neuville began the rally with a strong advantage, holding a 25.5-second lead over third-place finisher Finn on Saturday.

Neuville showcased an impressive performance during the Saturday morning stages, which placed him ahead of Sebastien Ogier by 10.9 seconds. It seemed as though Neuville was on his way to closing the gap and securing a strong position in the rally. However, everything began to unravel for the Belgian driver when he encountered a deep hole in the road during a stage.

The impact of hitting the hole caused considerable damage to Neuville’s car, putting him in a compromised position for the rest of the rally. Despite efforts to recover, the incident ultimately led to Neuville’s exit from the Acropolis Rally. As a result, his hopes of challenging for the WRC title have been dashed.

Implications for the Championship Standings

Neuville’s unfortunate departure from the Acropolis Rally has significant consequences for the WRC title race. With the gap between him and Rovanpera already substantial, Neuville’s inability to score points in Greece has greatly diminished his chances of catching up. This turn of events gives Rovanpera and other title contenders a considerable advantage as they aim to secure the championship title.

Heading into the remaining events of the WRC season, Neuville will face an uphill battle to recover from this setback. While it is not mathematically impossible for him to make a comeback, the margin for error has significantly narrowed. Neuville will need to deliver outstanding performances in the upcoming rallies and rely on the misfortune of his rivals to have any hope of challenging for the title.

Reflection on Neuville’s Performance

Despite the disappointing outcome at the Acropolis Rally, it is essential to acknowledge Neuville’s impressive skills as a driver. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated his talent and ability to contend with the best rally drivers in the world. While the title bid may have ended prematurely, it should not diminish the achievements and contributions Neuville has made to the sport.

As Neuville and the Hyundai team regroup following the Acropolis Rally, their focus will shift towards analyzing the causes of the rally-ending incident. It will be crucial for them to identify any areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments as they prepare for the remaining events on the WRC calendar.


The Acropolis Rally has brought forth a disappointing end to Thierry Neuville’s WRC title bid. The unexpected incident on the road has forced Neuville to exit the rally, effectively diminishing his chances of vying for the championship. As the WRC season progresses, Neuville and his team will need to evaluate their approach and strive for outstanding performances to make a potential comeback. While the road ahead may be challenging, Neuville’s talent and resilience showcase his ability to overcome adversity in his pursuit of WRC glory.

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