New F1 Junior Joins McLaren’s Development Program

New F1 Junior Joins McLaren’s Development Program

New F1 Junior Joins McLaren’s Development Program

The team announced recently that the Brazilian – who turned 19 last weekend – had joined the programme, which is overseen by five-time Le Mans winner and former F1 driver Emanuele Pirro.

While McLaren has been involved with many young drivers over the years, including Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris, the current MDD initiative was officially launched in April.

Along with Bortoleto, the programme also includes other promising talents who are striving to make it to the top level of motorsport.

McLaren’s Commitment to Promoting Young Talent

McLaren has always had a strong commitment to promoting young talent and nurturing future racing stars. Their involvement with drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris has showcased their expertise in identifying and developing promising racers.

The current McLaren Driver Development (MDD) initiative, which was officially launched in April, aims to continue this tradition. The program is overseen by Emanuele Pirro, a highly accomplished figure in both Le Mans and Formula 1 racing.

Bortoleto’s Inclusion in the Programme

The addition of Gabriel Bortoleto to McLaren’s development program is an exciting step for the young Brazilian driver. Having just turned 19, Bortoleto has already shown great potential and determination in his career.

Bortoleto’s experience and success in various racing categories have caught the attention of McLaren, leading to his inclusion in the program. With the guidance and support of McLaren’s experts, Bortoleto will have the opportunity to further refine his skills and move closer to his dream of competing in Formula 1.

McLaren’s Aspirations for the Future

The inclusion of Gabriel Bortoleto in McLaren’s development program aligns with the team’s ongoing commitment to cultivating young talent and preparing them for the top level of motorsport.

As McLaren continues to push the boundaries of innovation and performance in Formula 1, their partnership with young drivers like Bortoleto demonstrates the team’s dedication to building a strong foundation for the future.

Under the guidance of Emanuele Pirro, McLaren’s development program aims to provide up-and-coming racers with the necessary resources and support to thrive in the highly competitive world of Formula 1.

With the inclusion of Bortoleto, McLaren is excited to see how he progresses and develops as a driver, and they remain committed to nurturing his talents on his journey towards Formula 1.

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