New FIA Fine Increase in International Sporting Code

New FIA Fine Increase in International Sporting Code

New FIA Fine Increase in International Sporting Code

The FIA, the governing body of motorsports, recently announced an increase in fines as part of an update to its International Sporting Code. These fines apply to all FIA championships and have also undergone a significant hike.

Fines Update

Previously, the maximum fines that FIA event stewards could impose on competitors were limited to a certain amount. However, this has now changed with the recent adjustments made to the International Sporting Code.

The new rules allow event stewards, who operate independently from the governing body once appointed for individual events, to impose higher fines on competitors found in violation of regulations.

Impact on Competitors

This increase in fines has significant implications for competitors participating in FIA championships. With higher penalties being enforced, competitors will need to exercise greater caution to avoid violating regulations and incurring heavy fines.

These updated regulations aim to promote fair play and ensure compliance with the sporting code across all FIA championships. By imposing stricter penalties, the FIA seeks to maintain a level playing field and discourage any misconduct or breaches of regulations.

Rationale Behind the Fine Hike

The decision to increase fines comes as part of the ongoing efforts to refine the disciplinary system within FIA championships. By establishing more substantial penalties, the FIA aims to enhance the deterrent effect and discourage competitors from engaging in improper behaviors.

Furthermore, the increased fines provide a more effective means of enforcing compliance and maintaining the integrity of FIA championships. The FIA believes that harsher penalties will act as a strong deterrent, fostering fair competition and preserving the spirit of motorsports.


The recent increase in fines announced by the FIA is a significant development in the realm of motorsports. With the adjustments made to the International Sporting Code, competitors will now face potentially higher penalties for violations. It is expected that these stricter measures will contribute to a more fair and equitable playing field in FIA championships, ensuring adherence to regulations and promoting the integrity of the sport.

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