New Ideas to Improve WRC Championship

New Ideas Proposed to Improve the WRC Championship

The WRC Promoter has been working diligently over the last three months to gather a range of innovative ideas to enhance the championship. Facing criticism from drivers who are concerned about the WRC’s appeal and perceived lack of direction, these proposals aim to address these issues head-on.

Discussions at the WRC Commission

This Friday, the WRC Commission will convene to discuss these proposals and determine which changes should be put forward for voting by the FIA. If approved, these changes will be implemented at events throughout the upcoming year.

Event Condensation

One significant proposal already reported on involves condensing the duration of events. This adjustment aims to create a more intense and riveting experience for both participants and spectators alike. By compressing the event schedule, the WRC hopes to inject an added level of excitement into each competition.

Enhanced Fan Engagement

Another important aspect the WRC Promoter is focusing on is fan engagement. The championship recognizes the need to connect with fans on a deeper level and provide them with a more immersive experience. To achieve this, they are considering initiatives such as fan meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, and interactive activities that allow fans to feel more involved in the action.

Improved Broadcast Coverage

In order to expand the reach and appeal of the WRC, enhancing broadcast coverage has become a top priority. The championship plans to explore opportunities to increase the visibility of races through strategic partnerships with broadcasters and streaming platforms. By reaching a larger audience, the WRC hopes to captivate new fans and grow its global following.

Technological Advancements

Keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of motorsport, the WRC is also considering the integration of cutting-edge technology into its events. This may include incorporating virtual reality experiences for fans, advanced telemetry systems for teams, and other innovations that push the boundaries of what is possible in rallying.

Inclusivity and Diversity

The WRC recognizes the importance of promoting inclusivity and diversity within the sport. To address this, the championship is exploring ways to encourage more participation from underrepresented groups, including women and minorities. By creating a more inclusive environment, the WRC aims to foster greater diversity on and off the track.


The WRC Promoter has gathered an impressive array of proposals to revitalize the championship and address concerns raised by drivers. With the upcoming discussions at the WRC Commission, the future direction of the sport hangs in the balance. If approved, these proposed changes have the potential to breathe new life into the WRC and attract a wider audience to this captivating motorsport.

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