Newgarden’s Le Mans Ambition

Newgarden’s Ambition to Race at Le Mans

Newgarden, the recent winner of the Indy 500, is showing interest in expanding his racing ventures to compete at Le Mans in the future. The talented driver co-drove alongside Felipe Nasr and Matt Campbell in a Porsche Penske Motorsport 963 at the 10-hour sportscar classic, which concluded the 2023 IMSA SportsCar Championship on Saturday. They secured a commendable fourth-place finish in the LMDh machine, which also participates in the World Endurance Championship with the prestigious factory Penske team.

Le Mans Calling

When asked about the possibility of racing at Le Mans, Newgarden enthusiastically declared, “I would love to.” Le Mans, widely regarded as one of the most challenging and prestigious motorsport competitions in the world, attracts top drivers from various disciplines. Its unique endurance format poses a different set of challenges compared to the high-speed, shorter races Newgarden is accustomed to.

Expanding Horizons

Newgarden’s interest in Le Mans reflects his ambition to broaden his racing horizons beyond the confines of the IndyCar series. While he has achieved significant success in open-wheel racing, including two IndyCar championships, the allure of Le Mans provides an opportunity for Newgarden to showcase his versatility and skills in different racing environments.

Team Effort

The collaboration between Newgarden, Nasr, and Campbell in the 10-hour race demonstrated their ability to work together effectively as a team. This experience bodes well for any potential future ventures at Le Mans, where teamwork and strategy play crucial roles in achieving success.

Le Mans Legacy

Le Mans has a storied history that spans nearly a century, attracting legendary drivers and iconic manufacturers. The race’s rich legacy, combined with its challenging circuit and intense competition, makes it a dream for many motorsport enthusiasts. A successful Le Mans campaign would cement Newgarden’s name among the elite group of drivers who have conquered this prestigious event.


Newgarden’s desire to compete at Le Mans showcases his ambition and determination to push himself to new limits. As he continues to excel in the IndyCar series, his inclusion in prestigious endurance races like Le Mans would not only broaden his racing repertoire but also provide fans with thrilling and memorable performances. Only time will tell if Newgarden’s dream of racing at Le Mans becomes a reality.

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