No Reason to Change Anything for 2024


Sebastien Ogier: No Reason to Change Anything for 2024 Amid Hyundai WRC Rumours

The eight-time world champion, Sebastien Ogier, made the decision to step away from full-time competition after winning the 2021 title with Toyota. Since then, he has participated in partial campaigns driving for the Japanese marque.

Ogier has consistently expressed his lack of desire to return to full-time competition, citing his enjoyment of a part-time campaign. This flexibility allows him to spend more quality time with his family, an aspect of his life that he highly values.

Sticking with Part-Time Campaigns

Despite rumors of a potential move to Hyundai for the 2024 World Rally Championship (WRC) season, Ogier remains firm in his decision to stay with a part-time schedule.

Ogier emphasized that he sees no reason to alter his current approach, especially after securing the 2021 championship victory. He believes that maintaining a part-time racing schedule allows him to strike a better balance between his professional and personal life.

Having spent two years experiencing the benefits of a part-time campaign, Ogier has relished the increased flexibility and the additional time he can dedicate to his loved ones. He acknowledges that committing to a full-time season would require significant time and energy, possibly impacting his ability to be present for his family.

A Well-Deserved Break

As a highly accomplished driver with numerous titles under his belt, Ogier deserves some time to recharge and refocus. Achieving greatness in any sport demands immense dedication and sacrifice, and Ogier is no exception.

While fans might be eager to see him return to full-time competition, it is crucial to respect Ogier’s decision. He has earned the right to prioritize his personal life without the pressure of immediate expectations.

During his partial campaigns, Ogier has demonstrated exceptional skill on the track and proved that he is still a force to be reckoned with. Winning the 2021 title reaffirmed his talent and cemented his status as one of the greatest rally drivers of all time.

The Legacy Continues

Although Ogier will not be actively pursuing a full-time racing career in the near future, his impact on the sport will endure. His achievements and contributions to rally racing have left an indelible mark on the WRC.

As the years pass, we can expect to see new talent emerge and captivating battles unfold on the race track. However, the name Sebastien Ogier will forever hold a special place in the hearts of rally enthusiasts worldwide.

As for Ogier himself, he will continue to enjoy the best of both worlds. Balancing his passion for rally racing with his desire to spend quality time with his family, he is setting an example for future generations of drivers to aspire to.

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