Paving the Way for Future Generations

Ahead of a critical step-up in profile in 2024

In a bid to support female drivers and promote diversity in motorsport, all 10 Formula 1 teams have agreed to back a driver and brand their cars through the F1 Academy. This move has been widely regarded as a pivotal moment for the future of women in motorsport.

Long-term opportunities for females in motorsport

Managing Director of the F1 Academy, Susie Wolff, emphasizes the importance of the series succeeding in its mission to secure long-term opportunities for females in motorsport. Wolff acknowledges that this initiative cannot be a temporary trend but needs to be a lasting change that paves the way for future generations of female drivers.

“I’m very conscious of this just not being a flash in the pan, something shiny and new that loses its appeal over time,” Wolff states. “If the F1 Academy doesn’t work, if we don’t see a significant increase in the number of female drivers progressing through the ranks, then it will be difficult to argue for continued support and investment.”

Driving change and breaking barriers

The F1 Academy’s aim is not only to provide support and funding for talented female drivers but also to break down barriers that have historically hindered their progress in motorsport. Through this initiative, the hope is to create a more inclusive and diverse environment within the sport.

Wolff believes that by involving all 10 Formula 1 teams, the F1 Academy can bring about substantial change. “When you have the entire grid showing their commitment and support, it sends a strong message. It shows that the best teams in the world are actively investing in the future of female drivers. This alone can inspire young girls and women to pursue their dreams in motorsport.”

Paving the way for future generations

The success of the F1 Academy is seen as a crucial step in securing long-term opportunities for females in motorsport. By providing opportunities and resources, it aims to create a pathway for talented female drivers to progress through the ranks and eventually compete at the highest level.

Wolff concludes, “We have to make sure that this initiative is not just a one-time effort. If we succeed in our mission, we can inspire a new generation of female drivers and change the face of motorsport forever.”

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