Perez Penalized for Collision in Singapore GP

Perez Penalized for Collision with Albon in Singapore Grand Prix

Sergio Perez’s race in the Singapore Grand Prix took a turn for the worse as he was penalized for a collision with Alexander Albon, resulting in a five-second penalty. The incident occurred when Perez attempted to overtake Albon on the inside of the sharp Turn 13 left-hander.

As the two drivers approached the apex, they made contact, causing Albon to be deflected off-line. In order to avoid colliding with the outside wall, Albon had to hit the brakes and lock up his tires. This incident drew the attention of the FIA race stewards, who summoned both drivers for a hearing.

After reviewing the incident, the stewards determined that Albon, who finished in 11th place, had attempted to defend his position and left enough space for Perez to execute the overtake. However, they found Perez to be at fault for initiating the contact and causing Albon to take evasive action.

As a result, Perez was handed a five-second penalty, which dropped him from his initial eighth-place finish down to 10th. This penalty also affected Perez’s teammate Lance Stroll, who moved up to claim ninth place after Perez’s penalty was applied.

The collision between Perez and Albon demonstrates the fine line between aggressive racing and going too far. While it is important for drivers to try and make overtakes, it is equally crucial to do so without causing unnecessary collisions or endangering other drivers on the track.

The incident also highlights the role of the FIA race stewards in evaluating and penalizing such incidents. Their decisions play a crucial role in maintaining fair and safe competition in Formula 1 races.

Overall, the collision between Perez and Albon serves as a reminder of the intense competition and split-second decision-making that takes place on the race track. As drivers push the limits of their machines and abilities, incidents will inevitably occur, and it is up to race stewards to ensure that racing remains fair and safe for everyone involved.

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