Perez’s Struggles: Lack of Confidence in Corners

Perez Struggles in Japan, Hindered by Lack of Confidence in High-Speed Corners

During the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, Racing Point driver Sergio Perez faced significant challenges that ultimately hindered his performance on the track. These struggles were not unfamiliar to Perez, as he has encountered difficulties throughout the season.

Right from the start, Perez struggled to find the right balance for his RB19 during Friday’s practice sessions. Despite overnight work by his team, little improvement was made, resulting in a fifth-place qualification, which put him seven tenths of a second behind his teammate Max Verstappen.

Unfortunately for Perez, his troubles only escalated during the race when he made contact with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton at the start. This incident further affected his ability to showcase his true potential and achieve a competitive result.

One of the key issues behind Perez’s struggles is his lack of confidence in navigating high-speed corners. This issue has plagued him throughout the season and is evident in his performance at Suzuka. The importance of confidence in these corners cannot be overstated, as they require precise execution and a deep understanding of the car’s capabilities.

Team Principal Christian Horner expressed his concerns about Perez’s struggles, emphasizing the need for increased confidence in high-speed corners. He acknowledged that these corners are critical to achieving optimal lap times and maximizing the car’s potential.

As the season progresses, it is crucial for Perez to address this confidence issue and work closely with his team to develop strategies that instill the necessary faith in his abilities to tackle high-speed corners. By doing so, he can unlock his full potential and consistently deliver strong performances.

Despite the challenges faced in Japan, both Perez and Racing Point have shown great determination and resilience throughout the season. With the right support and a focused approach, Perez has the potential to overcome these obstacles and achieve remarkable results in future races.

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