Pierre Gasly Reluctantly Complies with Alpine Team Orders

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Pierre Gasly Reacts to Alpine Team Orders in Japanese GP

In the thrilling final stages of the Suzuka race, Pierre Gasly received team orders from Alpine to let Esteban Ocon pass as they were set to finish ninth and tenth respectively. Gasly responded with frustration over the team radio but ultimately complied by allowing his teammate to overtake him, albeit on the very last possible moment, in the third sector of the final lap.


This incident occurred as a reciprocal gesture from earlier in the race when Gasly managed to pass Ocon but was unable to build a significant gap. The team believed that Ocon had better pace and could potentially challenge rival drivers ahead, prompting the request for Gasly to allow his teammate through.

Gably’s Reaction

The decision did not sit well with Gasly, who was hoping to hold on to his position and gain valuable points for himself and the team. Airing his grievances on the radio, he expressed his confusion over the team’s order and questioned its rationale.

Gasly’s initial reluctance to comply was evident, but with the impending end of the race, he reluctantly yielded to the team’s request. However, he made sure to delay the swap until the very last moment in the final sector, showcasing his displeasure and determination to defend his higher position.

The Implications

Team orders can often be a contentious issue in motorsport, especially when they affect the outcome of a race or impact individual driver performances. Gasly’s frustration is understandable, as it could be interpreted as a missed opportunity for him to achieve a better result.

On the other hand, team orders are a strategic tool used by teams to maximize their chances of success. Alpine believed that Ocon had a stronger chance of challenging other drivers ahead, and by allowing him to pass, they aimed to optimize their overall team performance.


While Gasly may not have agreed with the team’s decision to swap positions, he eventually abided by it. The incident highlights the complexities involved in team dynamics and the delicate balance between individual aspirations and collective goals in Formula 1 racing.

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