Pirelli Secures New F1 Tyre Deal

Pirelli Secures New F1 Tyre Deal with the FIA

Pirelli has officially secured a new tyre deal with the FIA World Motor Sport Council for Formula 1. The announcement comes after weeks of speculation and tire management concerns at the recent Qatar GP.

Bridgestone, who had been out of F1 since 2010, also put forward a proposal alongside Pirelli. However, it was Pirelli that ultimately won the tender and will continue as the official tyre supplier for the sport.

The FIA World Motor Sport Council ratified the deal, confirming Pirelli’s selection. The decision marks the final step in a process that began back in March.

Paddock insiders had been anticipating Pirelli’s victory in the tender for several weeks leading up to the announcement. With this new deal, Pirelli will continue its long-standing relationship with Formula 1.

Pirelli last served as the exclusive tyre supplier for F1 from 2011 to 2019, before securing a new contract that extended its involvement until 2023. The Italian manufacturer is well-regarded for providing high-quality tyres that meet the demanding requirements of Formula 1 racing.

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