Pitstop Strategy Pays Off

Pitstop Strategy Pays Off for Russell and Hamilton

The Singapore Grand Prix saw an impressive display of strategic maneuvering as George Russell and his team-mate, Lewis Hamilton, made a crucial pitstop for medium Pirelli tyres. This decision gave them a significant advantage in the closing stages of the race at Marina Bay.

Increasing Pressure on Sainz and Norris

Russell and Hamilton’s strategic move put them in a position to apply immense pressure on the race leaders, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. While it was becoming clear that Sainz was set to secure another F1 win, Russell continued his pursuit just behind the McLaren driver.

Norris’s Unfortunate Wall Clip

The tension heightened when Norris, during his intense battle with Russell, clipped the outside wall while approaching Turn 10. This incident cost him valuable time and allowed Russell to close the gap even further.

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