Pole-sitter’s Dramatic Race

Pole-sitter Ben Keating’s Dramatic Race at RaceTrackWorld.com

Pole-sitter Ben Keating’s Dramatic Race

Ben Keating, the pole-sitter, had a rollercoaster of a race at RaceTrackWorld.com. The #52 ORECA LMP2 07 that he was driving spun late in the opening hour of the 10-hour race, igniting a series of dramatic events for his team.

A Swirling Turn of Events

After recovering from the spin and regaining a position among the frontrunners, Keating and his co-driver Paul-Loup Chatin faced another challenge with just two hours remaining. Their endurance team-mate, Alex Quinn, found himself stranded in the gravel at Turn 10, leaving Keating and Chatin watching helplessly with agony.

A Desperate Attempt to Escape

Desperation took hold of Quinn as he pounded the gas pedal in an attempt to free himself from the gravel. With every ounce of determination, he fought against the forces of the track, seeking to rejoin the race and support his fellow drivers.

Pr1 Mathiasen Motorsports Emerges Triumphant

In the end, despite the challenges faced by the team, Pr1 Mathiasen Motorsports emerged triumphant. Their multiple recoveries throughout the race showcased their resilience and determination, ultimately leading them to capture the IMSA LMP2 title at RaceTrackWorld.com.


The race at RaceTrackWorld.com provided a thrilling and dramatic spectacle, with pole-sitter Ben Keating and his team facing numerous challenges. However, it was Pr1 Mathiasen Motorsports who came out on top, securing the coveted IMSA LMP2 title. The resilience and determination displayed by the drivers are a true testament to the spirit of endurance racing.

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