Positive Progress for Honda

Positive Progress for Honda at Valencia Test

After a difficult start to the 2020 MotoGP season, Honda appears to be making strides in improving their performance. World champion Joan Mir expressed optimism during the recent test session at Valencia.

Mir acknowledged that Honda had been struggling earlier in the year, but noted that progress was evident after the Misano test in September. During that test, team rider Marc Marquez openly admitted that the team was still far from where they needed to be.

However, Mir’s tone was much more positive after Tuesday’s test in Valencia. He expressed satisfaction with the progress made, stating that the bike now “seems to be working better.”

One key point highlighted by Mir was the noticeable difference in performance. He highlighted this by mentioning that it was the first time he had been able to feel a significant improvement.

While specific details about the changes made to the Honda bike were not provided, the general sentiment during the test was one of optimism. Honda seems to have found some solutions to the issues they were facing earlier in the season.

This positive progress is encouraging for Honda as they look ahead to future races. With each test, the team is refining their setup and making necessary adjustments to enhance their chances of success.

Overall, the recent Valencia test has provided Honda with a glimmer of hope. The improvements observed by Joan Mir and the team indicate that they are moving in the right direction. MotoGP fans can now anticipate even fiercer competition from the Honda camp in the upcoming races.

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