Proposed Shake-Up: Qualifying and Racing Back-to-Back

Proposed Shake-Up Could See Qualifying Held Just Before Race

Under the current schedule, the starting grid for each race is decided by a 20-minute shootout at 9am, when many fans are yet to reach the track. However, the future of qualifying sessions in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) series may be about to change.

As part of a proposed shake-up, the DTM is considering holding a shorter qualifying session at 1pm, followed immediately by the race at 1:30pm – the standard starting time for all DTM races. This new format aims to add more excitement and unpredictability to the racing experience.

One of the main arguments for this change is to give teams little time to plan their strategies for the race, which could lead to more dynamic and spontaneous decision-making. This would create an added challenge for both the teams and drivers, forcing them to adapt quickly to changing conditions on the track.

Another factor to consider is the convenience for fans. With qualifying and the race scheduled back to back, fans who arrive later or have limited time can enjoy the action-packed day without missing any of the crucial moments. This new format also avoids the issue of empty stands during the early morning shootout, providing a better atmosphere for both spectators and drivers alike.

However, there are valid concerns that need to be addressed before implementing such a drastic change. Teams and drivers may argue that they require more time to fine-tune their setups and analyze the data collected from their qualifying runs. A rushed schedule could potentially compromise the overall competitiveness of the DTM series as teams might not have enough time to optimize their performance.

In conclusion, the proposed shake-up in the DTM racing series could see qualifying held just before the race, creating a more intense and immersive experience for both teams and fans. While certain concerns need to be addressed, this new format has the potential to inject more excitement into the sport and attract a wider audience.

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