Proton and Porsche: Revving Up Racing

Proton Expands Partnership with Porsche in Motorsports

Proton has a longstanding history with Porsche, dating back to the team’s launch in 1996 by Gerold Ried. Since then, Proton has remained a loyal partner of the German marque. This year, they are taking their partnership to new heights by expanding their involvement in multiple racing championships.

As part of their expanded partnership, Proton will field one example each of the 963 LMDh in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the IMSA SportsCar Championship. This addition complements their regular participation in the GTE Am category with the 911 RSR.

The decision to further strengthen their collaboration with Porsche showcases Proton’s commitment to motorsport and their confidence in the performance and capabilities of Porsche’s race cars. By participating in both the WEC and IMSA championships, Proton aims to showcase its racing prowess on a global stage.

This move also marks a significant development in Proton’s racing portfolio. While they have had a strong association with Porsche, Proton will now explore new opportunities by diversifying their racing lineup beyond the GTE Am category.

By venturing into the LMDh class, Proton demonstrates its willingness to embrace technological advancements in motorsport. The LMDh cars combine hybrid powertrains with lightweight construction, resulting in fast and efficient racing machines.

Proton’s expanded partnership with Porsche not only underscores their shared values and passion for motorsport but also presents exciting prospects for both teams. As they continue to collaborate and push the boundaries of racing excellence, fans can anticipate thrilling performances from Proton and Porsche on the track.

For more information about this partnership and Proton’s racing endeavors, please visit their official website.

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