Rally Chile: Tanak Dominates

Rally Chile: Tanak Dominates to Secure Victory for M-Sport

Rally Chile: Tanak Dominates to Secure Victory for M-Sport

Ott Tanak showcased his exceptional driving skills and tire management expertise as he clinched a remarkable win at Rally Chile, securing his and M-Sport’s second victory of the year. The 2019 world champion displayed a masterclass performance, triumphing in seven out of the 16 challenging gravel stages throughout the rally.

Unbeatable Performance

Tanak established his prominence right from the beginning, clinching the lead after winning the opening stage on Friday. With his unyielding resilience and remarkable pace, he managed to maintain his position at the forefront, overcoming the complexities of the rally. Demonstrating unparalleled skill, he flawlessly maneuvered through the treacherous terrain, setting an extraordinary benchmark for his competitors.

Drama Unfolds

In a late turn of events, drama struck Teemu Suninen, Tanak’s fellow teammate at M-Sport. This untimely incident worked in favor of Thierry Neuville from Team Hyundai, who capitalized on the opportunity to snatch second place. While Suninen’s misfortune was unfortunate for the team, it ultimately led to an intensified battle for the podium spots.

The Ultimate Triumph

In the end, Ott Tanak continued to exert dominance over the competition, managing his tires effectively and maintaining a consistently impressive speed. With meticulous precision, he widened the gap between himself and his rivals, eventually finishing the rally with a commanding 42.1-second advantage over Thierry Neuville.


Ott Tanak’s extraordinary performance at Rally Chile showcases his exceptional talent and tire management skills. The win not only secures M-Sport’s second victory of the year but also solidifies Tanak’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of rally racing. With this remarkable triumph, Tanak has once again proven his prowess and left a lasting impression on the thrilling world of motorsports.

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