Rally Driver Tanak Leads After Eventful Friday


Rally Driver Tanak Leads After Eventful Friday

Tanak completed the day’s six demanding gravel stages with a 4.2s lad over Suninen, who impressed in only his
third Rally1 start.

Tanak led the rally after winning the opening stage before losing the advantage following a spin and loss of
hybrid in stage two. However, the 2019 world champion was able to rattle off two stage wins across the afternoon
to regain the lead.

Toyota’s Elfyn Evans led the way for a portion of the day but fell back to third, trailing behind Tanak and

The challenging gravel stages tested the drivers’ skill and endurance, providing an exciting spectacle for the

Impressive Performance by Suninen

Making only his third Rally1 start, Suninen put up an impressive performance and showed great potential in his
driving abilities. He managed to keep up with the experienced Tanak throughout the day and finished just 4.2
seconds behind him.

Tanak’s Rollercoaster Day

Tanak’s day started off strong as he claimed victory in the opening stage, establishing an early lead. However,
he had a setback in stage two when a spin and hybrid issue cost him valuable time and dropped him down the

Determined to make a comeback, the 2019 world champion showcased his skills by winning two stages later in the
day. With these victories, he was able to regain the lead and put himself in a strong position going into the
next day of racing.

Elfyn Evans Falls Behind

Initially leading the rally, Elfyn Evans couldn’t maintain his position and slipped down the rankings. Despite a
promising start, he ended the day in third place, trailing behind Tanak and Suninen. Evans will need to find his
rhythm and make up ground if he wants to challenge for the top spot in the remaining stages.

Thrilling Gravel Stages

The gravel stages provided a challenging and thrilling experience for both the drivers and the spectators. The
demanding conditions tested the drivers’ skill, concentration, and adaptability, making for an engaging and
unpredictable race.

As the rally continues, the drivers will face new obstacles and twists, adding to the excitement and suspense of
the competition.

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