Rally Driver’s Dramatic Roll

Rally Driver Lappi Suffers Heavy Roll on Opening Stage in Chile

Misjudgment Leads to Instant Retirement

Rally driver Esapekka Lappi endured a challenging start to the championship’s return to Chile after a four-year hiatus. Lappi misjudged the final corner of the opening gravel test in Pulperia, resulting in an instant retirement from the first day of action.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

As Lappi approached the finish line with the i20N car, he clipped a concrete culvert with the front left, causing the vehicle to roll multiple times. The incident occurred within sight of the finish line and left spectators shocked as the dramatic scene unfolded before them.

Safety Measures Come into Play

Lappi and his co-driver Janne Ferm emerged from the accident unscathed, highlighting the effectiveness of the safety measures implemented in rally racing. Both drivers were able to exit the car without major injuries, showcasing the importance of proper safety equipment and structural design in motorsport events.

The Return of Rally in Chile

Chile welcomed the return of the World Rally Championship (WRC) after a four-year break, and the opening stage brought unexpected twists right from the start. The incident involving Lappi serves as a reminder of the high-risk nature of rally racing and the skill required to navigate challenging terrains at high speeds.

The WRC Championship Continues

Despite the setback for Lappi, the WRC championship will continue with further stages and challenges for the drivers in Chile. As competitors face a variety of terrains and conditions, the race promises to deliver exhilarating moments and intense competition among the world’s best rally drivers.

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