Rallying’s Future Path Examined by FIA Working Group

Rallying’s Future Path Set for Examination by New FIA Working Group

The global authority of motor racing has taken a decisive step towards shaping the future of rallying by establishing a dedicated working group. This significant move was announced during the Annual General Assemblies Week held in Baku, laying the groundwork ahead of the subsequent World Motor Sport Council meeting.

Objective of the Working Group

The newly formed working group is tasked with a critical analysis of rallying’s current landscape and is charged with the development of strategies for its progress moving forward. The ambition is to craft a vision that secures rallying’s growth and sustainability for years to come. It aims to scrutinize various aspects of the sport to ensure that rallying remains as thrilling and relevant as ever to fans and competitors alike.

Leadership and Expertise

At the helm of this strategic working group is Robert Reid, the FIA Deputy President, known for his expertise and background in motorsport, particularly as the World Rally Championship winner in 2001. Harnessing his extensive knowledge and experience in rallying both behind the wheel and in governance, Reid is poised to lead the charge in steering the future direction of this motorsport discipline.

Scope and Vision

The scope of the working group’s mission is to encompass a comprehensive evaluation of the sport. This includes exploring advances in automotive technology, enhancing safety measures, making the sport more accessible, and improving competitive structures. Additionally, the working group will chart out a path for environmental sustainability, a critical factor for motorsports in adapting to a rapidly changing world.

Engagement and Collaboration

Central to the working group’s approach is the engagement with key stakeholders across the rallying community. This collaborative ethos ensures that the voices and insights of teams, drivers, organizers, and fans are heard and integrated into the future roadmap of rallying. The collaborative process is crucial in formulating policies and recommendations that are both forward-thinking and inclusive of the wider rallying ecosystem.

Anticipation and Impact

The rallying community waits with anticipation as this working group undertakes its pivotal role. The decisions and directions that will emerge from this initiative are expected to have a lasting impact on the sport. From the introduction of new technologies to the potential restructuring of rally formats, there is a palpable excitement around the transformative potential that the working group holds.


This proactive approach by the governing body marks a new chapter in rallying’s storied history. It signifies a commitment to evolution and adaptation, ensuring that rallying continues to captivate audiences worldwide and stands the test of time as a pinnacle of motorsport excellence. The outcomes from this new working group are poised to drive rallying into an exciting future, reflecting the dynamism and passion that are hallmarks of the sport.

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