RB19 Struggles Continue for Verstappen

RB19 Struggles Continue for Verstappen at Marina Bay | RaceTrackWorld

RB19 Struggles Continue for Verstappen at Marina Bay

The defending two-time world champion was eliminated in Q2 at Marina Bay, underlining the ongoing struggles for the RB19 machines this weekend, with Verstappen bemoaning an “undriveable” car that bottomed out and left him bereft of confidence under braking.

Having set the 11th fastest time in a shootout topped by Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz over George Russell, Verstappen was then summoned to the FIA.

Technical Difficulties Hampers Verstappen’s Performance

Verstappen’s disappointing performance in qualifying at Marina Bay continued the frustrating run for Red Bull Racing. The RB19 machine had been troublesome all weekend, with Verstappen struggling to find a setup that would work for him.

The Dutch driver described the car as “undriveable,” citing issues with the car bottoming out and lacking braking confidence. These technical difficulties made it challenging for Verstappen to push for a competitive lap time.

Elimination in Q2

Despite his best efforts, Verstappen could only manage the 11th fastest time in Q2. This meant he failed to progress to the final shootout for pole position. Instead, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz secured the top spot, followed closely by George Russell.

Verstappen’s elimination in Q2 is a blow to his championship aspirations. It puts him at a disadvantage for the upcoming race, as he will start further back on the grid than his main competitors.

FIA Summons Verstappen

Following the qualifying session, Verstappen was then summoned to the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The nature of the summons is yet to be disclosed, but it adds further drama to an already eventful weekend for Red Bull Racing.

Looking Ahead

With the RB19 struggles persisting at Marina Bay, Red Bull Racing will need to regroup and find solutions to improve their performance for the race. Verstappen and his team will be working hard to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a stronger showing in the upcoming Grand Prix.

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