Red Bull junior Iwasa to join Team Mugen in Super Formula

Red Bull junior Iwasa to join Team Mugen in Super Formula

Yuki Iwasa, a member of the Red Bull academy, is set to make his debut in Japan’s premier single-seater championship, Super Formula, next year.

Yuki Iwasa, a 22-year-old Japanese racing driver, will be joining Team Mugen for the upcoming Super Formula season. He will be partnering with two-time champion Tomoki Nojiri. Iwasa’s appointment comes after fellow Red Bull academy member Liam Lawson decided to move on from the team.

Iwasa has spent the past two seasons racing in Formula 2 for DAMS. During his time in the series, he achieved considerable success, securing five race victories and 11 podium finishes. His best result in the championship standings was fourth place.

Despite his achievements in Formula 2, Iwasa initially had reservations about transitioning to Super Formula. However, with the opportunity to compete alongside experienced drivers like Nojiri, he now sees it as a positive move for his career.

Super Formula is highly regarded in Japan and serves as a stepping stone for young drivers aspiring to reach the pinnacle of motorsport. The championship features technologically advanced, high-performance cars and provides a strong platform for drivers to showcase their skills.

By joining Team Mugen, Iwasa will have the opportunity to learn from Nojiri, who has established himself as one of the top drivers in Super Formula. This partnership could prove instrumental in Iwasa’s development as he seeks to make a name for himself in the competitive series.

Iwasa’s inclusion in Team Mugen adds to the already impressive lineup of drivers in Super Formula. With his proven track record in Formula 2, Iwasa is undoubtedly a promising talent to watch out for in the championship.

As he prepares to take on this new challenge, Iwasa’s determination and skill will be put to the test. Super Formula is known for its fierce competition, and the level of talent in the field is exceptionally high.

In conclusion, Yuki Iwasa’s move to Team Mugen in Super Formula marks an exciting new chapter in his racing career. With the guidance of Tomoki Nojiri and the support of the Red Bull academy, he has all the necessary tools to make a strong impact in the championship. Motorsport enthusiasts will eagerly await his debut and see how he fares against the experienced drivers in Super Formula.

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