Red Bull Relocates F1 Title Celebrations to Avoid Sticky Pit

Red Bull Relocates F1 Title Celebrations to Avoid Sticky Pit Box

Red Bull Relocates F1 Title Celebrations to Avoid Sticky Pit Box

Typically when Red Bull has won a race, it celebrates with a full team picture to immortalise the moment, which concludes with team staff soaking each other in Red Bull’s eponymous caffeinated product. However, the Milton Keynes-based squad has recently changed its celebratory routine.

New Celebratory Location

Red Bull has decided to relocate its F1 title celebrations to avoid creating a sticky pit box. Previously, the team would hold these moments in the F1 pitlane, with the main straight of the track in the background or right in front of its pit.

However, due to concerns about making the pit box sticky and difficult to work in, Red Bull has started finding alternative celebratory locations.

Maintaining the Tradition

Despite the change in location, Red Bull is committed to maintaining its tradition of celebrating victories and championships with a team photo and the famous Red Bull showers. The team believes that these moments are important for capturing the spirit of the achievement and sharing it with fans and supporters.

Choosing New Locations

Red Bull has been creative in finding new locations to host its post-race celebrations. The team has explored areas outside the pitlane, such as the podium, paddock, and other picturesque spots around the race track. This allows them to capture iconic and memorable images while also ensuring that the pit box remains clean and usable.

By relocating the title celebrations, Red Bull aims to strike a balance between preserving its traditions and maintaining a functional and efficient working environment for the team.


Red Bull’s decision to relocate its F1 title celebrations demonstrates the team’s commitment to both celebrating their victories and championships and ensuring that their pit box remains in optimal condition. As they continue to push for success on the track, Red Bull will undoubtedly find innovative ways to capture and share these moments with fans around the world.

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