Red Bull’s RB19 F1 Weakness

Red Bull Opens Up on Inherent RB19 F1 Weakness Exposed in Singapore

Red Bull Struggles at Marina Bay Circuit

Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez struggled at the Marina Bay circuit last weekend, with neither driver making it out of Q2 as the squad also suffered its first defeat of the season.

While its issues over the weekend were compounded by set-up mistakes, its chief engineer Paul Monaghan also dropped hints about ‘inherent’ problems being a factor too.

Asked if this was something that had impacted their performance, Monaghan said, “Certainly, we have analyzed the data extensively and there are some underlying weaknesses in the RB19 that have been exposed in Singapore. It’s crucial for us to address these issues and make improvements moving forward.”

Set-Up Mistakes Compound Red Bull’s Problems

During the race weekend, Red Bull faced difficulties with the car’s set-up, which further added to their struggles. The drivers found it challenging to find the right balance and grip, resulting in poor lap times during qualifying.

Verstappen commented, “We made some wrong decisions with the car setup, and it just didn’t work for us at Marina Bay. We lacked pace, especially in the tighter sections where confidence is key.”

Perez also echoed Verstappen’s sentiments, saying, “The car felt very unpredictable, and I couldn’t push as much as I wanted. It’s frustrating because we know we have a competitive package, but we couldn’t showcase it this weekend.”

Addressing the Inherent Weaknesses

Red Bull’s chief engineer acknowledged that the team needs to address the underlying weaknesses in the RB19 to avoid future setbacks. The specific areas of concern have been identified, and the team is already working on implementing improvements.

Monaghan stated, “We have a clear understanding of the issues we encountered in Singapore, and we are focused on rectifying them. Our goal is to ensure the car performs optimally in all types of tracks.”

Red Bull remains determined to bounce back and regain their competitive edge in the upcoming races. The team acknowledges the challenges they faced in Singapore but remains committed to pushing forward and delivering stronger performances.

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