Restart Racing Transitions to BTCC with Chris Smiley and Cupra Leons


Restart Racing Elevates to BTCC with Chris Smiley and Team Hard’s Cupra Leons

Restart Racing Elevates to BTCC with Chris Smiley and Team Hard’s Cupra Leons

Race enthusiasts gear up as Restart Racing makes a strategic leap forward, acquiring two high-performance Cupra Leons previously fielded by Team Hard. These new-for-2023 chassis served as the competing vehicles for notable drivers Bobby Thompson and Dan Lloyd in the recent racing period. As Restart Racing transitions from the TCR UK championship, they are bringing along their reigning champion, Chris Smiley, who is no stranger to the racing scene.

The Transition to BTCC

Restart Racing’s move up the ranks to the famed British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) reflects their growing ambition within the motorsport world. With the experience gathered from their successful stint in the TCR UK championship, the team is poised for an exciting new challenge at a higher level of competition. Chris Smiley, hailing from Northern Ireland, brings valuable experience to the team as a one-time race winner in the BTCC with an impressive 162 race starts under his belt.

Chris Smiley’s Anticipated Return

Smiley’s return to the BTCC circuit rekindles his ambitions within a terrain he has previously conquered. His victory back at Rockingham in 2018 remains a highlight of his career, achieved while driving for BTC Racing. With Restart Racing, he aims to replicate and surpass past glories, leveraging the potential of the Cupra Leons.

A Promising Season Ahead

The BTCC is no strangers to intense competition and top-tier driving skills, and with the injection of fresh talent and capable cars, the upcoming season is looking more promising than ever. Restart Racing and Chris Smiley are set to turn heads with their determination and the engineering prowess of the Cupra Leons. The team is committed to pushing boundaries and making significant strides in this competitive arena. Fans are eagerly anticipating the roar of engines and the clash of titans on the tarmac as Restart Racing revs up for a memorable debut in the British Touring Car Championship.


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